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ATjA – Coding for Multimedia Production (Starts Jan 2019) Unleash your creativity through digital design and interactive programming. This course guides students to blend audio, animation, graphics and text in a digital environment to develop animations, interactive quizzes and games through coding. Students will also gain 21st century core competencies such as digital literacy, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving that schools need to condition students to thrive in today’s world.



ATjA – 多媒体制作编程 (2019年一月开课)

通过数码设计和互动式编程释放你的创造力。本课程指导学生在数码环 境中将音频、动画、图像和文本结合,并通过编程开发动画、互动测验 和游戏。学生也同时学习与发展21世纪的核心竞争力,如数码素养、协作、沟通、批判性思维和解决问题的能力,让学生在这个全球化世界茁壮成长。


“Moving Beyond Computer Literacy”



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