We are back !! CMCOctober

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CMCO 14/10-27/10来了!

感谢雪隆校长理事会和Dynabook Malaysia配合学校老师,为了让孩子们继续保有学习的热情,特别安排了精彩的线上教学课程。

Dynabook Malaysia YouTube 将在这星期15/10 的3.30pm-4.30pm 开始进行直播网课。我们希望学生们依然可以在频道上快乐学习。

祝愿大家 :百毒不侵 身强体壮

Hello, kids at home
CMCO (14/10-27/10) is here again!

As part of our initiatives to encourage your enthusiasm for learning, we have specially arranged for an interactive online teaching and learning program thru Dynabook Malaysia YouTube Channel which will start live stream classes every weekdays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm starting 15th October this week.

In advance, Dynabook Malaysia would like to extend our appreciation to teachers and MGB Selangor & KL for their participative support in this project.

We hope students will stay tuned with us and have a happy learning journey once again.

Let’s us once again join in the battle to defeat the virus!!
Stay home, Stay with Dynabook Malaysia YouTube

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