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We now live in a hyper-connected world


Each and every interaction between humans and computers is governed by code. Coding is everywhere and fundamental to the understanding of a hyper-connected world. Coding is the literacy of today and it helps practice 21st century skills such as problem solving, communication and computational thinking. Prepare for the Future! Enrollment Starts Now!

ATjA – Computer Science for 21st Century Skills (Starts Jan 2019)



ATjA – 21世纪技能电脑科学 (2019年一月开课)


Check with your schools about ATjA latest courses offerings, 请向您的学校咨询有关ATjA最新课程的信息, Or Click here to learn more: 或点击此处了解更多: http://www.dynabook.com.my/category/atja/about-atja/


“Moving Beyond Computer Literacy”



Check with your schools about ATjA’s latest offers, or Click here to learn more:

请向您的学校咨询有关ATjA最新课程的信息, 或点击此处了解更多:



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