Introducing the courses

The courses


ATjA focuses on project-based learning that delivers actual outcomes. Students will be learning towards an end project or outcome, which can be later shown or presented to parents at the end of the course.



The 5 Learning Cluster of ATjA consist of 8 different types of courses. This diverse range of courses provide flexibility, variety and choice, to suit the unique learning needs of every student.

五大学习板块由八个不同的课程组成。 ATjA的各种课程提供灵活性,多样性和选择性,以满足每个学生的独特学习需求。


All ATjA courses will be offered in 3 different levels or bands, that are carefully developed to fit into the different age groups from standard 1 till 6. These age-appropriate curriculums, provide a more efficient and effective learning progression for all students.



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