About ATjA

The Applied Technology Junior Academy (ATjA) exposes students to current technology platforms in an educational environment. ATjA is a series of enrichment courses that apply age-appropriate curriculum, with relevant and productive training, to prepare students for the real-world challenges in the near future.

ATjA 透过教育平台,提供学生一个面向当前科技的机会。ATjA一系列丰富的课程,适用于不同年龄阶层的学生,并提供相关成效的培训,帮助学生们能做好与现实接轨的准备,及为将来的现实挑战做好准备。



The 5 Clusters

The 5 ClustersATjA consists of five clusters;

Digital Multimedia, Productivity, Coding, Edutainment with the Digital World, 21st Century Skills for Learners. Each cluster provides students with the fundamental skills to become more than just technology consumers –instead, they are nurtured to grow into creators and innovators.

ATjA包含了五大学习板块:数码多媒体、高效生产力工具、编程、数码世界的寓教于乐、21世纪学习者的技能。每一板块所提供给学生的基本技能,使他们不仅仅是科技使用者 – 而是培养他们成长为创造者和创新者。



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